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Christmas it is.

2007-12-25 18:16:08 by TheKingofSwing

My post mood is all red faced because I just ate a bunch of food, a bunch of smores. I just kept eating them, it was great. Or terrible, I can't remember. Smalls didn't even know how to MAKE smores, he was killing me. I told him, "Smalls, you're killing me!" I gotta show that kid everything, jeez.

But yeah, it's Christmas. The 25th. Santa Claus didn't bring me shit, but that didn't stop me from working all night on an animation that one person called 'surreal'. It's an odd little thing, so you should watch it. It's crazy.

I also officially have 1 favorite. Or rather, one person has added me onto their favorite artist list. Damn, that means I'm in trouble, huh? Man. I bet it's Smalls, he's such a tattle tale. Doesn't know anything.

Be right back, I want some more smores. HAH! SOME MORE SMORES! *snort* I'M THE BEST!!!!!!

The view makes you itchy

Christmas it is.


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2008-03-10 04:15:31

lol nice