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I skipped Valentines day and New years day

2008-03-15 14:10:58 by TheKingofSwing

I skipped a couple of holidays, what about it? And sure, I'll probably skip Easter too, just because. BLOOD IS POURING! AAAAAH!

I released a fucking St. Patrick's day animation entitled "You gonna drink that?", in the tradition of me releasing a cartoon per holiday with a title that's a sentence that involves you, the viewer. It's WEIRD. WEIRD LIKE ME. THE KING OF SWING.


I skipped Valentines day and New years day


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2008-03-15 14:17:39

great movie. made me lol. how┬┤d you do those effects?

TheKingofSwing responds:

Insanely. Used a program called 'Artweaver', it's free as hell and a good Painter substitute. tututitutitude. Then I exported the parts of the drawings as transparent .png's and I tweened the fuck out of em'.


2008-03-15 14:37:27

I really liked your flash, the best S. Patrick's day explanation ever and also a short and enlightening essay on how alcohol helped the survival of the human species.

Beside, you are awesomely weird, so let's get druuuuuuuuuuuunk!

TheKingofSwing responds:


Phuckin' glad as hell you enjoyed it, cracker. I also like how the lass was made of balloons, completely pointless. Oh wait.


2008-03-15 20:28:46

betty doesnt have a manly name
neither do u

TheKingofSwing responds:

It was a joke, obviously. Calm down, soldier.


2008-03-15 21:52:38

were u joking sorry
but do u reallylike bettY????

(Updated ) TheKingofSwing responds:

Honestly, I don't care either way. Betty's an asshole, but the only reason he's important is because people freak out over his idiotic posting. He's an attention whore, plain and simple. I find it hilarious how severely people freak out at him, though. So at least he provides me with cheap laughter.