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Front page you say?

2008-03-17 23:36:06 by TheKingofSwing

I honestly have no idea what to say about the front page thing. It's awesome, yes. Unexpected, certainly. But still awesome. So I got a treat for you guys... well, not so much a treat as much as it is... uh... text. I wrote a script for a bullshit easter cartoon about the trashcan frogs that I probably won't do. I'm gonna post the script here so you can see first hand that I really put next to no thought at all into the writing of my stuff. Starts out with the green one talking, and each line is the two talking back and forth. Don't feel like labeling the lines, and it really isn't finished at all, but look how much I care. Enjoy reading... or don't.

Hey, it's fucking easter.

Is that the same as normal easter?

Hardly, dear sir, hardly.

Easter's just another Jesus holiday, right?

Noooo, it's about a god damn rabbit.

A rabbit?


Wait, Jesus was a rabbit?

Fucking NOOOOOO.

Stop cursing, rabbit Jesus is listening. He'll rise from the grave and lay an egg for your speaks.

For my speaks?!

Your speaks.

I don't care, I ain't scared of no zombie.

Zombie rabbit.

Eating carrot brains.

Lets eat candy in a basket.



What the shit is this? Rabbit Jesus has transformed into chocolate.

Well he IS rabbit jesus.

Lets talk about rabbit jesus some more.

Yes, run this joke into the ground!

It's the only one I got!

Till there's naught left but bloody nubs!

And the oscar for best writing goes to.... SOMEBODY ELSE!

Front page you say?


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2008-03-17 23:46:48

i like cookies to, whats your favorite cookie?

TheKingofSwing responds:

The internet kind.


2008-03-18 01:23:01

HA! See, I said you deserve front page, and you got it! =D

TheKingofSwing responds:

Weird how that happened, ain't it?


2008-03-18 06:19:50

Sure, the dialogue was nothing special but god damn the animation was something. What did you use to make that flash?

TheKingofSwing responds:

Artweaver, .png exporting (for the transparency), and loads of tweens. The entire thing is tweened like there's no tomorrow. And the framerate is like 30, so it's all smooth as silk.


2008-03-23 13:52:22

Well, it's Easter... And you promised me a Flash! I WANT TO SEE IT!!
Soon...? Maybe...?
Pleeease? >_>

TheKingofSwing responds:

lol, go away, you're gonna blow my cover.