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Fuck, I did it again

2008-03-23 17:17:26 by TheKingofSwing

You bastards, I just released an Easter animation involving the trashcan frog things. They don't have names, really... well, I sort of gave them names, but they're retarded. The green one's called Manny and the purple one is called Ynnam. I know, stupid as hell. Then again, the entire thing is just dumb, but that's what makes it fun. That and they never call each other by these names, they're more or less just names so I can refer to them without sounding dumb. You know, instead of saying "The green one! The purple one!".

I actually find this new one a lot funnier than the St. Patrick's day one, but only because of the voice acting and how fast paced it is. It's great. Also, there's a bit of Jesus in there... but shit, this is a JESUS HOLIDAY, gotta come to expect that I think, eh?

Now eat your candy and go look for eggs in the backyard, you 12 year olds.


Fuck, I did it again


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2008-03-23 18:04:25

Yay, it's here.
Content now. ^ ^

TheKingofSwing responds:

Better be.